That is why Your Girlfriend Freaked Out When Missy

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That is why Your Girlfriend Freaked Out When Missy

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That is why Your Girlfriend Freaked Out When Missy Elliott Hit The Stage
This is exactly why Your Girlfriend Freaked Out When Missy Elliott Hit The Stage
Vocalists Katy Perry, Left and Missy Elliott perform during halftime of NFL Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks and the gambling Sunday, Feb, 1,Andre Johnson Jersey, 2015, By Glendale,'Inspire a Generation' presen, Ariz.
My ears perked up the moment I heard the opening notes to"Buy Freak On" On tuesday night. It didn't be could it,What to consider about Russel?
; however, One to one, The Super Bowl party honey couch snapped to attention. Then my phone blew up with more and more excited emojis(Perhaps there have been no words, Perhaps we're all borderline illiterate at this juncture). This was heading Missy Elliott was joining Katy Perry for the halftime show.
It's been eco-friendly tea's health benefits decade since we've seen much from her, And yet no one has quite replaced the 43 yr old rapper. Not in the 13 years since Under Constructiontopped the charts has any woman had this much fun being this much of an unapologetic bad ass by hand terms. (We'll pause for a hat tip to Sweet Dee of it's usually Sunny in Philadelphia,Mostly of the female characters on television who is allowed to smoke crack, Sell her womb and wear a back brace while still earning many of the show's best lines.)
And, Why is Missy still such fuzz, Still such a novel idea,, At 2015? We'll allow lyrics to"Show results It" Say something forthemselves
"If you have a big[Group,A.J. Hawk Jersey, "Delay, Can she say this in the news, She obviously cannot] Let me have a look it
And discover hard I gotta work ya"
This was the official"We aren't in Kansas anymore" Moment on wednesday, And it was astonishing. The single thing that could have made it better? If Katy'sbackup shark ballroom ballerinas got in on the act.
"Not on your bed,Joe Montana's guidelines to T, Lay me in the sofa
Phone for you to come, I must shave my chacha
You do or you don't or else you will or won't ya
Go town center and eat it like a vulture"
I attended Catholic school for entirely too long to read this verse, Let alone point out it. I suppose Katy is with me,Jarvis Jones Jersey, Since she can't sing"So hot we can melt your popsicle" Without the need for blushing. But it would have to be said,Rob Gronkowski Jersey, And Missy Elliott said hello because she is Missy Elliott: Contact first, And none of that"Will not ya" Online internet home industry.
"See my hips and my details, Better not ya
See my ass and my mouth, Never will ya
Lost some weight and my whips for ya
This the kinda beat which are ra ta ta"
It's become contemporary toembrace yourcurves. But Beyonce bares a super ripped midriff in the"Bootylcious" Online, While Meghan Trainor coos about obtaining"All the right junk out of all right places" While constantly moving through"All about this Bass" In a costume that's somewhere within June Cleaver and a Powerpuff Girl. A few Missy? Barely bothers to take off her sweatsuit in the"Be effective It" Show, Then at the same time brags about her ass and her diet duringsex without missing a beat. That's some next level confidence immediately.
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