Superfan goes shirtless in frigid san francisco to

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Superfan goes shirtless in frigid san francisco to

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Superfan goes shirtless in frigid san francisco to cheer his Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl
Superfan goes shirtless in frigid nyc to cheer his Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl
Seahulk common winter. Seahulk walk shirtless through frigid ny city. Seahulk like minor high profile; Pose for thousands of photos to Seahawks fans and New Yorkers alike. Seahulk ready for serious Bowl!
"Coach anyone how to crazy. I've undoubtedly taken 1,000 photographs, Perhaps you are thinking 1,500 i'm not sure, Seattle Seahawks superfan bernard Froemke, Commonly known the Seahulk,, Said Friday morning in new york. "What i'm saying is, I took half a dozen pictures just eating in the morning today,
Certainly, The Seahulk is in New York and you will be at Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday. To be able to he will. He's a Seahawks season plane flight suspensions holder, Travels to you will find many team's road games, And even took his wild look to Detroit the last time Seattle took part in the Super Bowl.
Some Seahulk, Who is real name is Tim Froemke, Cheers his Seahawks during a game against the saints on Dec. 2 by Seattle. It's quite possible you'll quickly see him on TV, Cheering on the Hawks, as well as thousands of other 12th Men at the Big Game.
From a fan view, This year seems distinct from that Super Bowl XL berth in February 2006, Froemke claims. There's more hype, There's more worry, There is more fan fervor.
Since the Froemkes found its way to town Tuesday, They've had a front row seat to the Seahawks insanity.
"The Empire State Building was blue and green when I got up today, Tim Froemke mentioned. "Detroit was so horrific; There we were so out manned in Detroit. That it had become all Pittsburgh(Admirers), Because it's so close for Pittsburgh to arrive. It simply wasn't a fair shake. Right the following, I think we'll get a fair shake,
It sure seemed by doing this Friday. As one moved around Midtown, One passed extra Seahawks fans than Broncos fans on the streets. At a live transmit of NBC's"Of late" Suggest, A large contingent of the 12th Man braved sub freezing settings as Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, 's Roker, Natalie Morales and Carson Daly did their thing at Rockefeller cen. The Broncos cheering section was incredibly smaller.
Froemke was among the Seahawks fans who showed up to the"In this time" Telecast, Where Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock made a Super Bowl bet. Reps from Seattle's Space Needle also appeared with a giant 12th Man flag signed by hundreds of fans and celebrities(Roker signed it Friday), And members of the ocean Gals cheered on the Hawks. (Western time) Send out, The Froemkes got up hours beforehand to arrange. Every day now, Tim Froemke has undergone two to three hours of body painting in order to get his Seahulk look. Avoi Froemke, AKA your woman hulk, Puts her body airbrushed,Mark Ingram Jersey, Within. Todd Froemke, Who proceeded to go paintless Friday, Generally gets his face done to remodel into"Small Hulk,
Seahawks superfan Tim Froemke poses with oregon artist Shelley Wapniak, Who did his cosmetic,Kenny Vaccaro Jersey, In Manhattan in the week prior to an Super Bowl. (Showing complimentary photo/Shelley Wapniak)
They paid Shelley Wapniak, A New York caricature artist who concentrates on face and body paint, And have up all week long.
"Any place he goes, Almost every single and nearly every and pretty much virtually whatever away game, He finds soul mate in that state. And proper he's in Seattle he has a painter who paints him there, Wapniak reported of Tim Froemke. "Sunday I brought us a crew I brought three other artists. Two of them colored her, Me and another artist coloured him, Right(Todd's) Facial complexion. Knowning that it took three hours,
The whole production makes for a much different experience in contrast to most Seahawks fans who are in New York this week. The conventional 12th Man can just throw on a jersey or a sweatshirt; Seahulk, Shehulk and Little Hulk do not need that luxury.
"I'm sick and fed up, Executive. We've been getting home at nighttime, Getting up at 4 to repeat the process, Tim Froemke agreed. "It's like $250 to $300 a day to get displayed. And I'm caught with no shirt on every day,
Seahulk icy cold temperature,Brent Celek Jersey. Seahulk fatigued. But Seahulk do it for dearest Seahawks.
"I'm really enthusiastic about the whole team, He explained. "They never give up. This option never give up. I am down 21 0 to Tampa Bay(On november. 3 by Seattle) And we returned and won. (The NFC great game) Was terrible our worst games. (Russell Wilson) Fumbled the ball the initial play. We did each thing wrong you could do wrong, And still delivered and won. Simply fight. They discover a way,
Froemke is going to be, Remember, Guessing a Seahawks victory Sunday. He thinks get better league best defense will shock Peyton Manning and the Broncos. In the, He expects wide beneficiary Percy Harvin to spark the Seahawks' offense and propel them to a 40 10 victory.
This team has a lot of heart, Attitude and raw chance to lose Sunday, Froemke cited. Who can be guessed the Seahulk's favorite part of these 2013 Seahawks is their hitting?
"They hit as hard as anybody in rugby, He was quoted saying. "Nearly everyone say even the 49ers said it, And it shouldn't like us they said we're the hardest hitting team in football. That's a compliment from the 49ers,, Because they're right available online for too; They normally are the hardest hitting team. But were this year,
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