That is the way Seahawks clinch home field advanta

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That is the way Seahawks clinch home field advanta

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That is the way Seahawks clinch home field advantage Sunday
Here's how Seahawks clinch home field advantage Sunday
Dec 14,Pero muchos no more pudieron, 2014; Seattle,DeAndre Hopkins Jersey, California,, Market; Seattle Seahawks undertake the repair of Russell Okung(76) Runs onto the field through a procession of flame throwers before the game against the bay area 49ers at CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks conquered the 49ers 17 7.(Video / photographic: Kirby shelter, Kirby Lee USA TODAY pursuits)
SEATTLE The Seattle Seahawks almost have sole control over whether will clinch home field advantage in the NFC playoffs this Sunday,, But still take some help.
First, The Seahawks may will defeat the St. Louis Rams inside their home.
Seattle have the ability to tie the Rams, But they would require the Cardinals to lose or tie,Cameron Smith boycotts route, The Cowboys to lose or tie and the Packers Lions game must end in a tie.
Ties are rare within NFL. There have been five up to now 13 seasons. There had been one tie this season. The last time there were multiple tie games per season was 1997, So risks of it happening are minuscule.
Seattle can clinch in the least a first round bye with a win. They can also get that first weekend off with a tie and one of these uncomplicated:
Cardinals loss or tie and boys lossCardinals loss or tie and a Packers Lions tie
To easily win the NFC West,, The Seahawks could win, The Cardinals essential lose,Super Bowl star stirred, Or Seattle can finish in a tie given the Cardinals lose or tie. Those ideas, At lowest amount,, Would greatest Seahawks the No. 3 seed starting.
Worst of all scenario is the Seahawks lose and the Cardinals win. That would make Seattle a wild card and they had to go on the road three straight weeks to get back to Arizona in February.
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