Thomas Dimitroff gets control Atlanta

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Thomas Dimitroff gets control Atlanta

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Thomas Dimitroff gets control Atlanta,
Thomas Dimitroff gets control of Atlanta
Jones Dimitroff(Left out) Was DaveFM's first person DJ. (AP Photo/Paul Abell)
While making a guest DJ appearances on the Atlanta Falcons flagship radio station, 92.9 gaga FM, Falcons gm Thomas Dimitroff dropped more than one embarrassing detail about his relationship with music over the Atlanta air waves.
Dimitroff's appeal on Dave FM is part of a new feature on the station, R / c Free Takeover, Allowing a local celebrity to regulate the playlist during Friday's noon hour.
Atlanta's GM was happy to have a rest from football and his passion for music was apparent as he revealed times and places in his past that many of his playlist choices brought him back to.
"I'm so glad you said we aren't going to talk football, Dimitroff described. "This is extremely good. This is about music leading to how it moves you. I'm anxious about this,
Dimitroff's playlist highlighted his 70's rock roots you start with Van Morrison's And It Stoned Me and ended with Mandy, By craig Manilow, A song he admitted to being uncomfortable to have in his iPod.
As a result of his hour, He referenced his innovative stay in Atlanta, In early 90's. He lived in the Virginia Highlands region and hinted at some hippie tendencies, Namely the technique of playing with a hackey sack. That means of life was echoed by his choice of Truckin' by The Grateful Dead.
Hmo's New England Patriots' scout even brought on a special guest, Former boss and modern day Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. The normally enigmatic Belichick was open and courteous with his prot talking about his love of Bruce Springsteen, The the people that, Moreover Bon Jovi.
Dimitroff further displayed his eclectic music tastes when he shared that the gadget Michael Franti, An artist whose style blends hip hop, Spruce,Jimmy Graham Jersey, Combination, Rock n roll, And rut, Is his chosen live act.
Sharing the mic with DaveFM DJ Mara Davis,, Dimitroff seemed laid-back and at ease in the director's chair. While he did talk a little soccer, The talking never strayed too far from music.
Rrn the course of his Friday lunch hour, He did share one last tidbit that he may read about later, Except the Manilow track on the iPod.
He mentioned on two occasion his affinity for playing any air instrument,Tim Tebow Jersey, Going as far as post a song that reminded him of a trip with five friends that featured a car ride long jam session with everyone playing the air instrument of their choice.
Already noted for his diet and choice of haircuts, Traits that make him a black sheep type among the NFL gm fraternity,Kam Chancellor Jersey, Dimitroff can now add attained DJ and music aficionado to his growing list of titles.
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