Tony Gonzalez enjoys talking rugby

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Tony Gonzalez enjoys talking rugby

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Tony Gonzalez enjoys talking rugby
Tony Gonzalez enjoys talking snowboarding
I don miss world of warcraft at all, Gonzalez told The included Press. Fortunate position that I been is at the tables didn get taken away from me. I got to leave behind the game, That is definitely unlike 98 percent of the league. I got to stop on my terms. Fitness freak and food regimen devotee, Gonzalez said he knows he could remain playing. Think that why I been able to have mentally such a good conversion, He was quoted saying. Might well have played. I from the game because I wanted to be. And I loved every part of my NFL enjoy. Experienced great. It led me to becoming a job on a desk at CBS, A fantastic job. Said he has attacked his new gig exactly exactly the same he did his old one,Marcell Dareus Jersey, Working hard every day to grasp his craft. About football is easier than playing football. Is hard, Are you kidding around me? The amount of work and preparation that you got to put in and the relentless beat up of your body that it requires, It not really close. This works miracles gig going, Gonzalez assumed. Speak Michael Strahan a lot, He a good friend,Super Bowl throughout the years Photos, And the man like, Whenever you get this gig down, Once you get really confident with it,UK starts drug tests on global marketplace athletes, It the correct gig going. Because you get to speak about football,Paul Kruger Jersey, You don really need to get hit and after the game it doesn matter who wins loses, You content. In wisconsin. I sitting out here in the backyard and it seems 77 degrees, Around there, Thomas said in a recent phone job meeting from his Huntington Beach home. Nice small bit breeze. This excellent. And I could be out at practice right now in Atlanta and who knows how hot it exists right now and running routes and catching balls and all that other stuff. With our neighbors now. My mom out to this article. My eldest boy is out here,E. J. Manuel Jersey, Nikko,Rob Gronkowski Jersey, He coping with me. He 13 these days. Therefore,Jerod Mayo Jersey, It was vital for me to get back with him now, Identical, Shown Gonzalez, Who has two other youngsters with his wife, Oct. I got all the equipment I wanted out of football. Not yet. Didn attract the Super Bowl ring, Gonzalez told. I have a view on that whole Super Bowl ring thing where if it intended to be,Seahawks post game quotations, You choose. Entirely a great football player and not get a ring or you could end up a horrible football player and get a ring. And i also seen it. I seen guys walk around in relation to their rings and I like, Don even remember you playing on the c's. But they have personally rings. It was the absolute right place at the right time. Way Gonzalez encounters it, He right where he needs to be and the timing couldn be better.
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